Saturday, 21 January 2012

Queen of the New Year

Hands up, I did a very bad thing. I abandoned my blog. Sad face.

In revelling in the newly found freedom from working life last September, I seemed to lose all impetus for any kind of sitting at a laptop doing anything. Facebook, Bejewelled and photo editing aside, that is - always exceptions. My poor blog was thrown aside as I rediscovered the joys of:
  • free time to travel (NYC was A-MAZING, baby!);
  • shopping during the week;
  • housework - yes, you read that right;
  • doing nothing but sitting thinking and smiling and being grateful;
  • lunch not out of a lunchbox or bought from M&S;
  • reading while not on a bus or train;
  • sleeping past 6am; and
  • cardmaking. 

However, let's not dwell on my past neglect. I'm reclaiming my lovely little blog.  But in a moment of catch up, here's where I am - it's 2012, I have just turned 40 (still coming to terms with that one), I'm looking for gainful and fulfulling employment, and you know what? I'm happy.

Join me in 2012 as I hang onto that happiness. It's gonna be fun!

P.S. Here's me embracing 40 - almost literally!

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