Project Life

Project Life 2012 is in the room (ok blog)!

This wonderful system designed by Becky Higgins allows you to document your life easily, and in the moment as life happens. You can do this traditional paper scrapping, you can do it digitally, you can even go hybrid. You can do this if you're already a scrapper - or if not. You can make this as simple as you like or take the opportunity to go full-on creative because you can customise it as little or as much as you like. One of the things I love most about PL is it can be whatever you want it to be. Read more about it on Becky Higgins's site.

I'll be posting blogs about my PL updates. And on this page, I'll put a gallery of photos of the pages as I complete them. Lots of people are doing weekly updates, but from my first experiences with PL last year, I'll be sticking to what works best for me (ta-da, remember what I was saying about the beauty of PL being its flexibility?!) and that's using each spread as a monthly review and adding in extra pages for special occasions or when a lot happens. I'll just see how it goes!
2012 title page
January part 1

January insert side 1

January insert side 2

January part 2

February part 1

February part 2

February part 3

February part 4

March part 1


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