Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Project Life 2012: January part 1

During my online travels so far this year, I've been so happy to see so much love for Project Life out there. I totally get why so many people are participating! There are so many blogs and sites with bunches of inspiration and some absolutely gorgeous pages. Lots of PLers are doing weekly pages, but I know that right now that wouldn't work for me, so I'm sticking with the monthly + special occasion approach.

So here's my PL album so far.

Title page - this isn't definitive, more like a placeholder. As I continue throughout the year, I may come back to this title page and do some tweaking to make the title page best reflect the album. But for now I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

January - part 1
Of course, as January isn't over yet, this is only the first half of the January spread (apologies for photo glare - I've still to work out best room and light for taking these photos):

As well as the title card, there's a photo of me contemplating a new year, a snap capturing Chloe in one of her favourite pastimes and also a combo photo of Chloe taking Poppy dog to her Puppy (or Poppy) training classes.

January - extra insert
Already in January, there's been one special occasion that I wanted to make it into my PL album - my 40th birthday! (Yes, I am THAT old now!) So I took another page protector and filled it front and back with the photos, details and journaling that captures what I want to remember about the day. This page will sit smack bang in the middle between my January left hand page and, when it's complete, right hand page.

In the UK we're waiting (hands clasped with glee) for the PL supplies to be available on Amazon.co.uk - thanks Becky and Scrapbookers Inner Circle for making that happen!

So, in terms of supplies, I've been using some "leftovers" from last year's PL turquoise edition as well as some digi supplies that I bought from the Jessica Sprague and other sites and printed out, and some bits and bobs from my stash. I'm kinda liking the way this looks, so unlike last year, I'm not going to stick with one edition. I'm just going to use whatever supplies fit with my mood when I'm updating the album. Most of the journaling so far has been typed, but I'll be aiming to include some handwritten journaling from both me and Chloe, as well as the bits and bobs of everyday life.

So far, so loving it!


  1. Poppy training is so cute! And I love that you're doing the month format!

  2. Thanks, Megan! That's the fab thing about PL isn't it? It can be whatever you need it to be to work for you. Thanks for visiting x

  3. oooh love the cupcakes, so fun! And so glad you guys are getting the availability for PL too, that's awesome!

  4. Hi Jules, embrace the 40 (I hit it in August)!

    Love your pages, looks like you are off to a great start for the year.

    Thanks for commenting at my blog.


  5. This is what is so nice about PL. You can totally make it yours, do a monthly approach, & not stress! Keep it up! Love your 40th layout!

  6. Thanks, Kelli - the cupcakes were a surprise treat from my best friend who turned 40 the day after I did. Cool huh? And yes, I was so happy when PL hit Amazon uk for the first time last year, and I'm so excited waiting on stocks this year, especially all the new page protector designs!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon - and yep, 40 rocks already. You'll love it :)

  8. Iamjuju - exactly;I LOVE the flexibility that PL offers! thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Love your pages, Jules!! Thanks for linking up on my blog!

  10. HEY! 40 isn't old! (says she who turned 40 last year LOL) I found it be a great thing...a time to embrace my own decisions and choices, and feel confident in them! Thanks for your comments on my PL, and YAY for having the kits available in the UK! I bought turquoise, but am using lots of extra bits and pieces to make it "mine". Your pages look great so far!

  11. Loving your pages! Super fun.
    I love the flexibility of PL, that's the best part. Makes it more fun to see what everyone else is doing.

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog, Kristina, Suzitee and Camilla - and for the lovely comments. Apart from the sheer fun of doing PL, I'm having a blast connecting with, and learning from, fabulous and talented people all over the globe. LOVE the PL community!

  13. I absolutely love the idea of a "monthly" approach to a PL album...you go girl! There may be times when I do this even in my album when vacations and such come around...alls I know is that in order to be successful this has to work for me and I'm not one to follow the "rules"...lol Happy Birthday! Turning 40 was a blast for me...I threw my own party! Turning 50 was quieter but that's okay since we had so much going on in our lives the past two years. Believe me...it just gets better! thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments on my blog. Have a wonderful week, fondly, Roberta

  14. your birthday pages are great...so glad you got to celebrate well! feel free to 'scraplift' anything :) I thought the zebra pink and blue were a fun theme for my cousin's birthday...

    Have a great week...


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