Monday, 28 February 2011

The smile factor, or why I have laughter lines

Going against the Monday grain, I'm not going to list the things that make me mad/sad/bad, but rather, here's a list of things that make me smile. It's in no way comprehensive, and in absolutely no order, but everything on this list makes me giggle, smile or give out a hearty chuckle. So, thanks to...

1. Opening a new book...oh the possibilities for getting lost in another world.
2. The smell of freshly made bread - mmm.
3. Chloe - in all ways, but especially her witty words. The girl can totally rock a funny comeback.
4. Old Mr Ben cartoons. Classic.
5. My friends. They are the best.
6. Billy Connolly. Gerard Kelly. Enough said.
7. Cornflour - have you tried this? Hours of endless amusement!
8. Turning on the tv to unexpectedly find one of my favourite films on.
9. Looking through old and no-so-old photos.
10. Karaoke/Singstar with Irene and/or Chloe.
11. Illicitly sneaking a swing on the supposedly for kids swing parks.
12. Picnics. Even the word makes me smile.
13. New craft stash.
14. Getting parcels in the post - even when it's items you've ordered and paid for, it feels like presents every time.
15. Getting into a newly made bed - ahhhhh.
16. Jelly - just because.
17. Songs by Deacon Blue/Hue & Cry/ The Big Dish/Love & Money/ Wolfstone - music from my youth.
18. Painting my nails.
19. Glee.
20. Texts!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday feeling

Unlike that old song, Sundays mornings never feel easy to me. Sunday afternoons are far from simple. And don't even talk to me about Sunday evenings.

Why is it no matter how old I get, every minute of Sunday that passes still feels like one moment closer to a loss of freedom? Somehow, Sundays still equal impending doom. I loved school (yes, I was that girl) and I hated Sundays then. I like what I do now and still Sundays herald a feeling of dread.

I am hereby vowing to get over my Sunday-itis. Today I tried to distract myself with housework and cleaning. My house is shiny now. However, no shine on me. That option didn't work. I will find the cure!