Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Project Life 2012: February part 4

As usual, I'll be linking up to The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday. Do take a few minutes to visit her blog, for her own fab PL posts, and links to pages from PLers all over the world, as well as other lovely stuff.

So, this is my last entry for February and its focus on what we love. We're talking love in the wider sense here, you understand; it hasn't just been lots of photos of crush-worthy males!

Here's the whole page:

In the top left I captured a facebook moment I've loved this month. The facebook status template was a fabulous freebie from Candice at Feeding the Narcissism. To fit in with the Elektra theme I added some zig zaggy red borders from Doodlebug:

Chloe Loves (yes, with a capital L) clothes and fashion. She likes to wear things that no one else has, and the UK isn't great with teen clothes - everything is either too childish or too grown up - so when our friend went to the US recently, she brought Chloe back a haul of goodies from Selena Gomez's range. Chloe proceeded to give a mini fashion show of her newly acquired goodies and we got a couple of photos of her posing.  I resized these and added them to a re-coloured Katie Pertiet freebie journalling card (I no longer have direct link but sure it will be somewhere on her blog).  Alongside this, I popped in a cute filler card that has been in my stash for a very long time, just waiting for a home. Now that's something else I love about PL - getting to use all those old stash goodies!

Another thing I adore and I always wear is jewellery, especially necklaces and chains and pendants. I took some shots of my collection and put together a card to journal my self-confessed status as a 'jewel junkie'. To fit in with that theme, I added some pink bling to the card. I like how this turned out!

Right next to that is a February shot that really makes me realise how Chloe is growing up. Right now (at so very almost 15) Chloe loves anything that makes her look older, and feel grown up. So she has taken to drinking her soda from a wine glass. So cute. So scary! I did try to tell her that one day she will do anything to not look older, but so far she ain't convinced! I think this may one of my favourite cards from this week, vying with Saturday Chill (below).

I am not too vain a girl, but I do love just a little cosmetic enhancement. And right at the top of my must-have list is mascara. Not being blessed with fluttery long lashes, I've spent years hunting for a mascara that actually works for me. And by jove, I think I've found it. So this was a memory I definitely had to capture. I just jotted this down on a Clementine digi card, added the photo, printed out and then added the leaflet that came in my mascara packaging.

Last is a card documenting one of my favourite things. Chloe and I often do fun stuff and go cool places together, but there is nothing I love more than just a cosy Saturday night in chilling with my girl. Gotta love the everyday! More old stash found new life on this card, including some rather cute Making Memories raspberry dot alphas that were languishing at the back of my alpha file.

So that's it for now. This page has been one of the most fun to put together, and a big part of that has been rediscovering and getting to use old stash.

I'll be back in March with another PL page - and I'll be breaking out of my Design A monopoly and mixing it up with another design from that big variety pack of page protectors I was so excited to get a couple of weeks ago!

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  1. Hi Jules! Looks great! Love how you focused on things you love. How fun that will be to look back & see what has changed and/or stayed the same. Doesn't it feel so good to use your stash? Makes me super happy!

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog and for your kind words! I truly LOVE Project Life & the people I've met along the way!


  2. I love your red zig-zags. I am really loving zig-zags myself these days.
    Also love how you cut out the journal strips on one of your journal cards.
    Love your mascara shot too!
    Great pages this week!

  3. Love it all; fabulous details and love all the 'every day life' photos.

  4. I just love that Jewel Junkie card! :)

  5. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog.
    My 5 year old daughter who goes to daycare, said on the first day I took her there, "Mom, I get to go to college now!" That's why I put that she goes to "college" on my posts.

    I ♥ your idea of doing a week full of things we love.
    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Jules - I love the "week full of things we love" idea. I totally love that. I would love to look back on this one day and see how quickly things vary from week to week and year to year.
    I also love all the journaling you have - so much story telling there. I feel like I missed that this week, but no sweat as there are are only 46 more weeks to tell the story. :)
    Thanks so much for the sweet mention above. The Project Life community has been such a tremendous blessing to both my sister and I. Have a fantastic week #9!


  7. hi jules, love your pages this week, very colourful and so pretty, love all the pink and the scroll card and all those jewels - wow

  8. Hi Jules. Love all the pink...great idea doing things you love. I have to remember that for weeks when I slack a little bit. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. Wow I wasn't expecting to see a link to my blog here! Thank you! <3
    I am so loving your work this week! The love theme is really cool, and I wish I'd thought to do it! I like how you describe each card too, it makes for a really interesting post. Your scrapping style is just really fun. I love seeing what you come up with every week. Oh, and all the hints of pink are great too! I just love the whole thing, that sums it up better!

    1. BTW, this is Sarah from Square Goods. Blogger hates me and it took about an hour to post this comment. I should say, GOOGLE hates me. Anyway once I signed into my gmail account it was happy to load all the way. /sigh!

  10. Thank you so much for the shout out. So nice. LOVE the bling on your pages and the scalloped journal space. Gorgeous pages.

  11. Jules love this page for PL it's so much fun, cant wait to see more. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  12. Hi Jules, thanks for the link-up, I've been a bad blogger this week, only just getting a chance to catch up now.

    Your week looks great - I like the story about your daughter and her wineglass and I totally 'get' the mascara thing - my lashes are pitiful!


  13. love all that pink and the way you did your journal strips! Keep Calm and Project Life on :)


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