Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Project Life 2012: February part 1

As a reminder, I'm using PL to document our lives on a monthly basis -I haven't committed to producing a 2 page spread for each week, and will just fill as many sides and pages as I need to document the month.

Even though, I am still finding that I am doing something every week. So this past week, I began my February entries, and am surprised to find I have filled one side of a page protector already. It being February and Valentine's, I'm focussing this month on things that we love.

Here's the overview:

I embellished the title card a little to match the Love theme - I like the strip of hearts and single hearts which were cut from paper in the Making Memories  "je t'adore" range.

Next up, on the top right is a 'Praise Postcard' which Chloe brought home from school. Her English teacher had given it to her for being a 'responsible citizen'. I paperclipped it to a 6x4 piece of paisley paper, added a Heidi Swapp pink journaling spot and some 7 gypsies stickers, and called it good. I love that PL allows me to add this kind of memoribilia into my album! Here's a close up:

In the middle row, I've included two journaling cards detailing the tv programmes Chloe and I love to watch just now. Yep, these are the small tiny templates from the amazing Cathy Zielske. Love these!

Next to them, I have a journaling card with a photo of my new shoes, which I took on my mobile (cell) and sent to my Polaroid PoGo for printing. These little snaps are such a cute size, and I love that you can peel the backing off to make them stickers. Perfect for PL, even if the photo quality isn't fabulous. I've included a quote from one of my favourite Paolo Nutini songs, which fits exactly my thoughts about shoes.  I didn't like the design of this journaling card, so I just used the blank reverse.

Alongside this, I've printed out one of the filler cards from the digi Clementine set, which I just recoloured in PSE to match my page a little better.

In the bottom left, I included a card about my current favourite treat - Fab ice lollies. I adapted a Cathy Zielske 4x6 journal card template for this, to include a small snap of the treat and add in the product name (cut from the packaging) with foam squares for dimension.

Lastly, in the bottom right, I documented the exciting day last week when the PL 2012 products were available in the UK for purchase and pre-order. It was an exciting day - and there were so many eager PLers in UK & Europe that the traffic crashed Tammy Morales Scrapbookers Inner Circle shop site for a little! But we all managed to get on and place our orders. As you can see by the angel and devil circling round my head (webcam photo with clipart), my PL heart and my wallet-aware head battled it out, but I did order page protectors in big pack of design A, big variety pack and some 6x12. Together with our VAT tax and shipping, that little lot came to £70GBP, but it will keep me going for absolutely ages, so totally totally worth it! The Clementine core kit is available for pre-order, but not sure if I can afford it now, and I'm finding the digi kit I purchased is fun to use. Huge thanks to Tammy and Becky for bringing PL to UK and Europe.

Been a busy start to February and looking forward to continuing to record the 'love' for the rest of the month!

Linking up again to The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday, and to the ever lovely One Happy Mama. If you haven't visited these blogs already, do pop along for a huge shot of inspiration and plenty of PL!


  1. Those shoes are fab!!

    I love the little CZ templates - they look good.

    Thanks for sharing, and visiting my blog :)


  2. Love the idea for current favs tv shows. I hadn't thought of using a theme approach to the month or week. Another great idea.

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  3. Great pages this week! Love the idea for favorite TV shows. Such a "now" moment.

  4. first off, what a great idea not to commit to the 2 page spread, I would find that so hard, yet so freeing....hmmmmm (it'll help me catch up from last year, taking this approach)

    I love love love your tv show journaling. and shhhhh we like the same tv. I'm a closed closet Vampire Diaries Fan too *wink. Be Calm and Project Life on!

  5. Oooh, I think seeing you recolor the Clementine digi card just sold me on purchasing the journal cards too. I have the Clementine and Turquoise extra embellishments and the Amber numbers, but I hadn't bought the journal cards yet because I have the paper versions. Time to shop!

  6. Great pages again, Jules! Love your photos and how you documents your TV shows! Thanks for linking up on my blog!

  7. I really like your documenting your favorite treat right now. Super fun.
    I love that you're documenting your favorite TV shows too.

  8. I love the laid back approach you're taking with this! And those shoes...super cute!

  9. Lovely, I like how your monthly approach is helping your capture moments from daily life without committing to a weekly format. Although, you've got a good start towards doing it weekly!

  10. Love your pages! I love how you included the tv choices...that is so fun. Love your monthly approach. The nice thing about PL is that people can use it in anyway they want. Love how laid back you are about it.

    Have a super week!


  11. what fun putting the angel and devil swirling around your head! and I like the look of the re-colored clementine card :)I think this week I might incorporate what shows we are liking right now :)


  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the encouraging comments y'all; it makes me happy to see them. I'm really enjoying visiting all the blogs of so many other talented lovely people arund the globe and getting a peek into their lives!

  13. OOOh what a pretty little start you have made on your album. It is so colourful, I love the little details and all the bits you crammed in....excellent.
    Thanks for popping in to say hello, I always love to see new faces.
    Micayla x

  14. Hi Jules, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog, l have to say how nice your pages are as well, love the doiley and the hearts down the side of the page and the project life card with you and the little note tag is the best, keep up the good work


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