Thursday, 9 February 2012

Project Life 2011, yep last year!

[Courtesy warning: photo-heavy post]

My Project Life adventure began in spring last year when the kits were first available in the UK from Amazon, although I've only started blogging about it this year.

I was in love from my very first page. The simplicity, the flexibility, the I-totally-got-this-down-ness of it all, not to mention the sheer fun. I said this in one of my recent PL 2012 posts, and I will say it again (and again and again): I get a little hurrah every time I slip something into one of those little pockets.

As you can see from my recent page shares, I haven't committed to weekly spreads, I'm a monthly gal. Also, I'm not one of those lovely talented artsy people who can make a mini masterpiece from each page. I love those pages. Adore them. In fact I have been known to rather swoon a little over them. But I know right now that's not for me. So I keep it relatively simple. Generally, it's a case of adding something from my PL go-to set list: photo collages, borders, patterned paper, artfully placed stickers, journalling tags, or maybe some lettering and some momentos; and I'm done. (Of course I then stand back and admire my shiny new pages too.)

Back in 2011, I was even simpler. You could say I was using PL at its most basic. Just photos, journal cards, pens, and the odd sticker. And people, basic as it is, it still rocks. I looked back at my pages and I still love what I see - such a cool way to capture those moments that would otherwise have been forgotten, that I wouldn't have done a traditional scrap page about. 

Here are some photos:

The conclusion? Project Life - as basic or as creative as you want - just works!


  1. your 2011 pages are awesome! Love it and oh my... those red shoes! BE still my heart. :)

  2. I think your pages look great, everyone tackles Pl as they want too and I think that is why it is so popular. As I scrapbook as well I do tend to mix it up, sometimes simple works and other times I like a little more. But the main point is to capture life and whatever way you choose, it is yours and I love that
    Micayla x


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