Monday, 1 August 2011

Beauty, discovered

Be warned. Some people might find this all too corny for their taste. And it might be. But I think we often say something is corny because we're a little scared of the emotions it brings out in us, and that it cuts a little too close to the truth we only admit to ourselves.

I am beautiful. Those are words I never thought I would ever say. I'm so far from the world's prescribed ideal of beauty. I am too ginger. Too big. Too short. Too pale. Too plain. I've spent my life being the clever one the funny one, sometimes ,at a push, the cute one. I've avoided being in photographs for as long as I can remember, and when I have to be in them, I pile on the make up and ensure I'm hidden behind someone else. But bringing up a teenage daughter and in trying to ensure she understands and embraces her own self worth, I'm learning my own value too.

I am beautiful. In all the ways that really matter, I am beautiful. I love and I am loved. I brought a wonderful amazing human being into this world, and I am helping her become the best version of her she can be. I care about those around me, and I care about those I have yet to meet. I have learned much and I learn more every day. I help people. I make a difference. I am clever. I ask questions.I understand the power I possess and how to use it wisely. I appreciate the small things and am not frightened of the big things. I am me.

This shot of me- no make up, no hiding, no fake smile - just me, is a victory. I would never have posted this before. It's taken me a long time to get here, but I have discovered my own beauty. And it was there all along.

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