Wednesday, 6 April 2011

For the love of concealer

Today I am sending a note of eternal gratitude to whoever invented concealer : loving your work! Pre-concealer this morning I looked like the shinier redder-nosed sister of Rudolph. Or some freaky big-nosed circus clown. Or someone who has an even closer relationship with alcohol than I actually do. Whichever way, so not a good look. Post-concealer, I still couldn't be mistaken for a super-model, but I could at least pass muster as a human being with a normal-coloured nose.

So it's just a cold. An energy-zapping, nose-blocking, hanky-eating cold. But I will be glad when it's over.

Today's make-up mania made me think though. I've always reckoned on myself as not being too hung-up on looks; happy to go out with just moisturiser, sunscreen and brushed hair, and I turned up my nose at those who went what I saw as too far to preserve their looks. Today though, I really felt I couldn't go out looking like I did without artificial intervention to hide the red nose, otherwise I would be conscious of it all day. I'm perhaps vainer than I thought. But you know, I'm now ok with saying that's not a bad thing. It's not a crime to want to make the best of yourself, even with a little artifice. And that's especially true if there's something that you really hate about yourself, that makes you feel self-conscious constantly. But a little help goes a long way. Heidi Montag-style transformation? Well, that's a different matter!


  1. there's nothing wrong with enhancing perfection! i couldn't leave the house with at least powder and lipstick on :-)

  2. I would add the inventor of mascara to your list. I was asked the other day if I was ok by a concerned friend. She had dropped her kids off before school as she had been called into work at the last minute. I just hadn't had time to apply mascara and a bit of eyeliner.


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