Thursday, 24 March 2011

And I said "No, no, no"...

This afternoon I had to do some things which don't come easily to me. I had to say "no", I had to tell someone I didn't like them (though I did like their top) and I had to walk away from someone. No, I didn't have a bad day at the office. Quite the contrary. A great day - thanks in no small part to the seminar which I took part in this afternoon - which these exercises were part of. Along with learning to channel our Inner Bond Girls of course.

Designed to help the participants become more charismatic, the seminar gave me real insight into how our behaviours can really impact those around us. I found it strangely liberating to say "no" and not feel bad about it; I rather relished being able to apologise and not cringe in shame, and there was even a strange pleasure in being able to practice not caring if people liked me. More importantly, I learned real and usable techniques to re-train my brain and change my behaviours. Even more importantly, I had fun while doing it. Enjoyable and real learning. Now that's powerful stuff.

So if you  hear the word "no" pass my lips more often, or you see me walking away and not looking back; well, that will just be me getting my charisma on.

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