Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancakes, pain, poshness and pjs

Today is a day of celebration - in many ways. In no particular order, it's the birthday of a few of my friends, it's Shrove Tuesday, and it's International Women's Day - so Happy Birthday, Happy Pnacake Eating, and - and- what is the appropriate greeting for IWD, exactly?!

But for me, the celebration came in the form of a much smaller, unnoticeable to others, but so meaningful to me event. Having had the worst run of luck health/accident -wise since just before Christmas, I've pretty much woken up in pain every morning. Thankfully of late, that pain was more of an annoying twinge than the agony of a few months ago. However, this morning I woke up, and no pain. Looks like the recovery predicted as end of March by the Docs, is on track. Love that.

The pain-free day wasn't all that made me smile today. On train home, I was speaking on phone to a work colleague, and as I was putting the phone away in my bag, the young girl sitting across from me looked up and said, "Ah hope ye don't mind me sayin, bit you're dead posh bit, in't ye?"  Erm, no? Surely the fact I'm from Larkhall automatically means I couldn't ever be posh?! Anyway, it turns out she'd been for an interview and her broad Larkhall accent had proved a hindrance as far as the would-be employers were concerned. It worries me that these kids are not being taught in school that they need to learn to adjust their speech to the situation. No one is saying they have to pretend to be what they're not, but they should be able to articulate more clearly and adopt a more neutral tone when it's needed. So they can text, IM, tweet, email and facebook all they like but they're soon not going to be able to speak at all. Ok,rant over and teacher Jules put back in her box now.

Last thing to celebrate today - pjs. For this girl, there is little that compares to the feeling of getting in from a long day, out of horrid dark cold weather, to get into cosy pjs. To me, they represent home and freedom from worries. All praise for the pjs.

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