Monday, 28 February 2011

The smile factor, or why I have laughter lines

Going against the Monday grain, I'm not going to list the things that make me mad/sad/bad, but rather, here's a list of things that make me smile. It's in no way comprehensive, and in absolutely no order, but everything on this list makes me giggle, smile or give out a hearty chuckle. So, thanks to...

1. Opening a new book...oh the possibilities for getting lost in another world.
2. The smell of freshly made bread - mmm.
3. Chloe - in all ways, but especially her witty words. The girl can totally rock a funny comeback.
4. Old Mr Ben cartoons. Classic.
5. My friends. They are the best.
6. Billy Connolly. Gerard Kelly. Enough said.
7. Cornflour - have you tried this? Hours of endless amusement!
8. Turning on the tv to unexpectedly find one of my favourite films on.
9. Looking through old and no-so-old photos.
10. Karaoke/Singstar with Irene and/or Chloe.
11. Illicitly sneaking a swing on the supposedly for kids swing parks.
12. Picnics. Even the word makes me smile.
13. New craft stash.
14. Getting parcels in the post - even when it's items you've ordered and paid for, it feels like presents every time.
15. Getting into a newly made bed - ahhhhh.
16. Jelly - just because.
17. Songs by Deacon Blue/Hue & Cry/ The Big Dish/Love & Money/ Wolfstone - music from my youth.
18. Painting my nails.
19. Glee.
20. Texts!

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  1. Mr Benn!!! Oh how I loved it.

    We haven't singstarred in about 6 months! I've forgotten how to sing and I want to karaoke in the us of a!

    Love getting parcels too - today's was my Stateside Candy order - yum!



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