Sunday, 17 June 2012

Project Life 2012: June part 2

I will be doing the usual link up with The Mom Creative on Project Life Tuesday. Great place to meet other PLers and get some inspiration and encouragement.

This week's page is all about one very special evening in our week. Chloe and I got tickets to go to the Scottish Fashion Awards show which was held in the Clyde Auditorium (known locally as the Armadillo because of its unique architecture - see below) in Glasgow.

An annual event, this show celebrates the best of Scottish fashion and design, and this is the first year the public have been able to attend. With Miss C aspiring to a career in fashion or design related work one day, this was an opportunity I'm glad we were able to take advantage of.

This year's awards show was hosted by Alexa Chung, with lots of fashiony types and celebs present. I was very excited that Christopher Kane was there, but being a total Whovian, I was most happy to see Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond in Dr Who, win the award for fashion icon of the year. She is my total girl crush!

The best part of the whole thing though was seeing Chloe get so excited and also so dressed up. This is probably the first 'grown up' event she had ever been to - and it had a red carpet! She looked so glam and grown up!

Also cute was the photobooth you could go in and get some branded photos. PLer's dream addition at any event huh? Chloe got a couple of strips, and she let me have one to put in the book.

Anyway, here's the full page:

And the close ups:

All in all, a fab nite. And I'm happy that I was able to document it like this, so we'll be able to look back on it for years to come!

Have a Project Life-tastic week ahead, all.


  1. Awesome layout Jules - looks like a wonderful night. I am a Whovian too so totally understand the Karen Gillan thing. Next time David Tennant maybe...

  2. Wow, what an opportunity! You did a nice job capturing the evening :)

  3. What a FABULOUS experience to have together.
    How come you didn't put any pictures of yourself in your fancy dress?
    I ♥ how you documented the whole event w/ pics of celebs you saw.

  4. WOW Jules what a night to remember for you Miss C, she looks quite the young lassy, glad you had a great time together.

  5. Jules, how exciting! Love seeing your daughter all glammed up. What a fabulous week again :)

  6. Hi Jules! What an awesome event to remember! Love all the pictures of Chloe & especially the photo booth strip!

  7. Your daughter looks so sophisticated, what an exciting event to get to attend. I'm so glad they had the photobooth, that's so cool!


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