Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Project Life 2012: March part 4

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Hurrah - another page in my now looking quite healthily full album! I'm having so much fun already looking back at my pages from last year and so far this year, I can't imagine how much better it will be to look back on when Miss C is my age!

Anyway, back to my usual one page week entry after last week's out of the ordinary two page spread! This meant I was presented with a Design E protector as I'd used it for last week's second page. Before breaking away from my beloved Design As, I'd worried about making other designs work. But now I've remembered: I'm a scrapbooker and my words and photos can fit anywhere! I actually really enjoy Design Es - these little 6x6s are just like mini layouts.

So here's the usual page overview:

The top left section is all about our joy at the official arrival of Spring on 20 March, and all its newness and renewals. I wrote a little about what I feel about Spting, and backed that with patterned paper of Spring colours, and included a little dog jumping (or Springing) for joy! I also included a mini screenshot of Google's first day of Spring icon - so cute.

With the arrival of Spring, came a good few sunny days. (Yes, we do get them in Scotland. Occasionally.) As I have had skin cancer, and burn very easily, I'm not a sun worshipper - you'd never find me basking on the beach - but I do enjoy the warmth and the feel-good factor that comes from the sun. I do need to stick to the shade when I can though. Combined with my need for shade, and the fact that Chloe had to study and didn't want her papers blowing away in the breeze, we decided to enjoy the sun in a different way rather than hitting the park or garden. We opened the front door, and built a little den at the front of the hallway- we had blankets and cushions and pillows and a little table. Chloe studied for a while, then lay back with her music and sunglasses and enjoyed the sun streaming in. I enjoyed sitting a little further back, in the shade, with a good book. Simple pleasures. I made a little collage and matted it on some happy flowery paper.

As I was watching Chloe listen to her music in our den, it made me reminisce about how I used to listen to music - I was a teen in the original Sony Walkman cassette era. I had the bright yellow Sprts version which was considered cutting edge at the time. How I remember carrying round a heap of cassettes in my bag and feeling oh so cool to have music wherever I went! Now I look at Chloe's superslim, supermemory,superfeature iPod in awe - I wonder what Chloe's children will listen to music on?!

Lastly, I really enjoyed the first of the new show The Voice in the UK this past weekend. I'd heard about it in the US, and was looking forward to it coming here. I wasn't disappointed. I loved it, and am already anxious to see what the next show holds!

A fun week, in which I was reminded that all that really matters is being together, and appreciating what we have. I am really very grateful for all my family and friends, including all the lovely, funny, creative, caring friends I have made online!

Have a great week ahead, all.


  1. Another great week Jules. It is funny to me that you celebrate the warmth - I guess if I was in Scotland I would too. In Northern Australia I can't wait for it to cool down a bit.
    I like the layout with the iPod - that is exactly the sort of everyday thing that I want to capture in my book to - it is going to be incredible to look back on these pages one day.

  2. what a great idea to capture the then and now! And girl you rocked this design page....but I know exactly what you mean, As are my favorite too :)

  3. I love your photos and goodies each week. Love the collage in pink. I like the here/ now story, it will be neat to look back on!!

  4. love the "then/now" pocket. what a great idea!

  5. Lovely to meet you! I'm very excited to check out 'The Voice' - I will be iPlayering it soon, I think!

  6. Great page Jules! I love what you did with that page protector. I especially love the music on the move square. I had that same exact yellow walkman. What a fun comparison to do! Have a great week!

  7. Great mini layouts--they all turned out great.

  8. Wonderful pages, I love how the different squares kind of mix and match together. Enjoy the lovely weather.

  9. great photos showing the cassette player and Ipod...great pages this week!


  10. This is great. I, too, had the bright yellow walkman as a kid...I will have to remember to start putting more things like that in my album! --heather (www.heathershomemadehome.com)

  11. Hi Jules, loved reading your post , about the music difference in the generations, l often wonder that too, what will my grandchildren, listen to, sorry to hear you had skin cancer, hope you are ok now, the Voice is starting here in Austraila soon, l cant wait to see it as well, and l didnt realize you were from Scotland, YAY the scots, l have 2 sets of great great grandparents from Scotland, PERTHSHIRE AND STIRLINGSHIRE, l would love to come over one day to look at where my heritage began, have a great week and keep out of the sun, bless you........kate

  12. What a gorgeous layout - I love how much you incorporated your thoughts!


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