Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Project Life 2012: March part 2

Hurrah, it's Project Life Tuesday again! Linking up to The Mom Creative who hosts a weekly link party for all us PLers to display our pages and get inspiration and encouragement from the PL community. If you're visiting my blog from there - thanks, it's lovely to see you; and if you haven't been there yet, do take the opportunity to hop on over.

Another week. Looks a bit different from my usual pages this time, huh? That's because for the very first time ever, I've used something other than Design A. Begin the drum roll...Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my very first Design B page. Ta-da!

I really had fun changing things up a little, and it does give a different look. I'll definitely still be using Design A for a lot of my pages, but I'm looking forward to more mixing it up with other designs soon.

Anyway, here is the whole page:

At the top left is a snap of my mum's dog, Poppy, who just adores Chloe, and looks out for her every day. It is the cutest thing.

Next to that is a 4x6 journal card with a snap of a leaflet about a craft show Chloe and I enjoyed attending this past weekend. I added some journalling, a title, a PL elements stamp and printed it out. And right alongside this, you'll see...well nothing at the moment! I'm holding this blank space for a photo from the craft show. Chloe and I got our photo taken with a brand mascot at one of the craft stalls, which will be available to download from their website next week, so I've just added a post it note to remind me to download and add this here.

In the second row, at the far right is a card that I picked up from one of the craft stalls. I liked the sentiment on this card about being creative, so clipped it to size and popped it in here. I also added a small screenshot of my blog with a note to myself about blogging more. I've found so much joy, encouragement, and even new friends, blogging, so I really want to keep on blogging. That sounds like the title of a song - I may just have to write it!

Also on this row is a little card with a quote I found on Pinterest. I loved the quote but didn't like the artwork it was shown in on Pinterest, so just quickly created this quote card on PSE and added to my page.

Chloe and I both love music. Big time. Whether singing ourselves, or listening to a CD, or plugged in to an ipod, music is a constant presence in our lives; so I wanted to document some of our current playlists. These will be fun to look back on in a few years, and see how many of these we are still listening to!

Lastly, now that she in S3 and studying towards her exams in 2013, Chloe has more homework. I'm happy to report that Chloe's teachers all say she gives her best in all subjects and tackles her work both in class and at home with enthusiasm and commitment. I caught her on film deep in thought about her Business Admin homework.

So that's been our week. Still loving capturing these moments so simply!


  1. I love the quote you found on pinterest about smiling. Love. Love. Love.

    Love your pages again this week. Thanks for sharing. Love all the inspiration. You always have such fun little details.

  2. oooh love the playlist idea great capture of life now :) and the quote is awesome! Great LO this week.

  3. great work! Loving the new page design. I've yet to stray away from design A. :)

  4. thanks for visiting my page! atmospheric is like a .75 cent word!
    I love how you put what you are listening too...I keep meaning to add something showing what my favorite shows are...I like the B pages cause you can use horizontal pictures!

    have a great week!

  5. Hi Jules, another great week. You are living on the edge with a Design B - haha. I like to put my different designs in as inserts.

    How funny that you put in a picture of your Mum's dog this week - I did too!

    Jealous of your Craft Fair - we only have one each year where I live, it is a highlight for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yeah for trying new design pages! I'm still using the same two that I've used all along...I'm too chicken to switch. You did a great job with these pages! Maybe I'll get the courage to take the plunge!

  7. Love all the different little bits you include and the journaling on a photo. Have to remember to do that more..

  8. thank you for sharing, the layout looks great, you've inspired me to try out design B also!!


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