Sunday, 12 October 2014

The art of smart

I need reminding of that from time to time. I think all girls and women do. Too often I find myself getting obsessed about what I look like (or about what I don't look like), about how people think of me, about the material things I do or don't have. But I forget. I forget that I AM a smart girl. 
And I don't just mean book smarts, though my friends know I love academia- smart is lots of things. Being smart means recognising my own self worth and knowing my value is more about who I am than the skin I live in; being smart means making the right choices for me and my health ; being smart means appreciating my family and friends; being smart means taking the time to do what I enjoy and I'm good at; being smart means saying no when appropriate; being smart means a quick answer to banter, solving crosswords and loving quiz programmes; being smart means embracing all my geekdom; being smart means letting no one else tell me what to do or thing; being smart means not allowing others to make me feel bad; being smart means not being afraid to voice my opinion; and being smart means being me. All of me.
You're smart too. Go on, show off your smarts.

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