Sunday, 12 October 2014

The art of smart

I need reminding of that from time to time. I think all girls and women do. Too often I find myself getting obsessed about what I look like (or about what I don't look like), about how people think of me, about the material things I do or don't have. But I forget. I forget that I AM a smart girl. 
And I don't just mean book smarts, though my friends know I love academia- smart is lots of things. Being smart means recognising my own self worth and knowing my value is more about who I am than the skin I live in; being smart means making the right choices for me and my health ; being smart means appreciating my family and friends; being smart means taking the time to do what I enjoy and I'm good at; being smart means saying no when appropriate; being smart means a quick answer to banter, solving crosswords and loving quiz programmes; being smart means embracing all my geekdom; being smart means letting no one else tell me what to do or thing; being smart means not allowing others to make me feel bad; being smart means not being afraid to voice my opinion; and being smart means being me. All of me.
You're smart too. Go on, show off your smarts.

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Apology Manoeuvre

I haven't blogged in over a year. That's a long time not to talk.

Life got new and exciting and busy, and I neglected this little blog.

But I'm back. I'm sorry I went away!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Project Life 2012: June part 4

I will be doing the usual link up with The Mom Creative on Project Life Tuesday. Great place to meet other PLers and get some inspiration and encouragement.
This week's page was one of those super-quick pages, that I put together in under an hour. It was made much easier with the Cathy Zielske labelled photo templates (so cute) and some new black polka dot washi tape to bring together some of the journal cards. Fun and simple and DONE, just what I love about PL.

Apologies for the photos this week - very dull here, so it's been difficult trying to capture the page. Just take my word for it - it looks much better and brighter in real life!

So here's the usual page view

First up was The Proclaimers gig at a local venue. Dad wanted to go so Mum bought tickets for them to go, but she later decided she didn't want to go, so I stepped in. Very happily, too, because I love The Proclaimers and it was an awesome gig. The whole audience was on their feet singing and dancing along to classic tracks such as (I''m Gonna Be) 500 miles, Sunshine on Leith, Let's Get Married, Letter from America, and Life with you. It was a great night.

Next was a mini trip Chloe and I took to Edinburgh for the day. We're lucky that it's quite close to us Edinburgh is very special place - it has a wonderful history and scenery with the castle, the Royal Mile in the Old Town and beautiful park and gardens right in the heart of the city; and in the New Town there are a huge selection of shops including a small district of designer stores such as Louis Vuitton (Chloe's favourite), Armani, Mulberry and Harvey Nichols.

For this visit, Chloe and I decided we'd shop. Or at least window shop! We started with a late breakfast at the Chocolate Lounge on the top floor of Harvey Nicks. Think a sushi bar, but with chocolate, cupcakes, champers, desserts, and candy rather than fish. Heaven! Chloe had a very scrummy chocolate fondue while I enjoyed some pancakes with tablet (very sweet Scottish candy concoction) ice cream and a chocolate shot. Not exactly the most nutritious breakfast, but it was a very decadent treat.

Then we headed over to the Louis Vuitton store where Chloe gleefully gazed at the bags she'd like to have on her arm. The assistants were very sweet to her and let her hold some of the bags and try them on for size. She was soooooo happy. Her current favourite is the LV Neverfull.

While we didn't buy in LV, she did get to carry home one bag as we bought her the kenee-length black Converse she has had her eye on for quite some time. I also got some goodies - in the form of stationery bits from Paperchase, including the black polka dot washi tape used on this layout. After a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe, we headed home. In the rain. We hope to go back again soon, when it's not raining, and we'll do the more cultural & scenic activities!

Lastly, Chloe's friend posted some photos of them on facebook, so I did a collage of them and popped it in. I love that I can get these photos of them having fun, even when I'm not there!

A fab week! Hope yours has been just as much fun.